Rose Kamuntolo


Rose Kamuntolo

What is your business background and experience?

I started Chisomo Day Care and Nursery School in 2002 with 5 pupils. Now, the school has 192 students. I am very excited about our growth and how more pupils are enrolling with us. I have 13 years of experience running my business.

How have you benefitted as a member of NABW?

I have benefitted a lot from NABW and I am so happy to be a member. I keep telling others to join because I am very happy with the changes that NABW has brought to my business through their Grow Movement program. I was given a consultant names Mary Glenn and she has taught me how to provide quality education to the students. My teachers were also trained and after this exercise, my school has been growing to the point that I now have 192 pupils. Now I am so overwhelmed with that growth but I believe we will handle it very well.

I also obtained a loan from NABW which has helped me to purchase chairs for the students/ I also plan to get additional financing to extend classes and buy desks.

What is your advice to aspiring business women in Malawi?

Don’t be afraid to start a business because we now have an organization that is supporting us and I will keep telling more people to join NABW!