Martha Sankhulani


Martha Sankhulani

What is your business background and experience?

I started Marech Medicine Store in Lilongwe, Area 36 in the year 2011 after retiring from my occupation as a nurse. I went into a rented shop but as my business grew, I started saving for my own building. Using my business savings and finances from my retirement packaged, I constructed my own building between 2012-2013. Marech Medicine Store now occupies this site and has since I moved in 2014. All this was possible due to a spirit of hard work, determination and focus. I have about four years of business experience with the medicine store.

How have you benefitted as a member of NABW?

I have benefitted as a member of NABW in a number of ways.

  • Through the various Business Trainings that NABW offers on a monthly basis.
  • Through the knowledge transferred to me from my NABW/Grow Movement consultant business skills training program.
  • Through a business expansion loan that I took from NABW which I used to boost my medicine store stocks.

Business is very good for me and I am happy that I belong to NABW.

What is your advice to aspiring business women in Malawi?

What I can advise aspiring business women is that they key to it all is hard work. Once your business is up and running, remember to have good customer service because the customer is key. Find out what people want and provide that because business is about being a problem solver and you get paid for it! Remember to always have enough stocks!