Strategic Plan


Message from the National Chairperson

The National Association of Business Women, NABW strategic plan covers three year period form 2014- 2017. It sets out a bold and ambitious vision for not only the members of NABW but for all women entrepreneurs in Malawi.

The strategic plan is the first formal strategic developed and approved by our members and provides a clear and important challenge to reposition NABW as a premier business women association offering credible and dependable services to all women entrepreneurs in Malawi. It offers direction for the development of the association over the next three years building on challenges and lessons learnt in the past 24 years during which NABW has gained recognition both at national and international level.

In addition to ensuring the provision of dependable services to women entrepreneurs, this plan looks beyond the current remit of NABW and towards active engagement with stakeholders in identifying new business opportunities for women.

Its timing is opportune as both the organization and Malawi as a country are likely to continue to experience considerable change over life of this plan. Women Entrepreneurship Landscape will undoubtedly alter with increasing global interest on improving the status of women and the expectations of women in business.

Achieving this vision will need significant level of change and flexibility at all levels. It is not a plan for NABW alone. The breadth of its vision, the expertise, resources required to implement will be challenging to NABW at the same time offering an opportunity of partnerships with shared goals.

I thank all stakeholders for their contribution to the development of this plan. I believe it has struck the right balance in maintain what we stand for, what we do better and responding to future requirements of women entrepreneurs. I also commend all members, the board and staff of NABW for their continued effort, dedication and commitment to maintain and advance NABW as a premier Nation Association of Business Women.

The publication and launch of this plan signals only the first step in a long journey through the implementation. The staff will have full backing of the members and the board in the implementation of the strategy.

On behalf of NABW, I look forward to engaging with those at the heart of NABW activities offering women entrepreneurs the opportunity to realize the ambitions of the plan 2017.

Towera Jalakasi

National Chairperson, NABW

June 2014

To see the full NABW Strategic Plan click on the link below.

NABW Strategic Plan Summary