About Us


The National Association of Business Women (NABW) is a member driven organization that is conscious of the various interests and expectations of its key stakeholders: participation and involvement of both its internal and external stakeholders remains at the core of its programming approach.

Our Mandate

To economically empower women in Malawi.

Our Vision

Liberated, socially empowered and economically active women of Malawi who contribute significantly to the political and economic development of Malawi.

Our Mission

To empower and uplift the lives of women economically and socially through entrepreneurship development, skills training, market access, information dissemination, access to finance and advocacy among urban and rural women.

Objective Values

  1. Sustainable Business: To promote, improve and develop businesses owned by women by establishing and sustaining NABW’s ability to serve as an intermediary between its membership and the technical, finance, markets and management of resources needed by members to meet their business and enterprise development requirements.
  2. Business Women Voice: To be a powerful voice for the social and economic issues affecting women in Malawi. To claim the woman’s rightful position as a custodian of the nationhood; this means that NABW must have an evident role in all spheres that make up the fabric of Malawi’s social and financial economic (Agriculture, Banking and financial services, Welfare development, Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS, Water & Sanitation, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction).
  3. Internal & External Communication: To develop, maintain and communicate to members, government and the private sector, perspectives on the technical and sector-specific issues which affect the ability of Malawian women to enter into and conduct business.
  4. Advisory Services: To advise and inform members on all matters which may affect their interests through regular information materials and communications.
  5. Effective Organizational Structure: To develop and maintain an organization structure which facilitates the involvement of business women at all levels and establishes channels through which business development assistance can be delivered by and to women entrepreneurs.
  6. Women Entrepreneurship: To upgrade rural women entrepreneurs by identifying options for and forging linkages between urban and rural economic sectors.
  7. Women Participation: To stimulate, foster and maintain women’s involvement and participation in programmes of other international and national organizations and ensure that resources available for supporting women in business are properly used and coordinated.
  8. Strong Governance Interface: To cooperate and liaise fully with the government to encourage support for NABW programmes and ensure that NABW is aware of all projects being implemented for and/or with or on behalf of women.
  9. Conducive Business Environment: To develop and implement policies and programmes with financial institutions and other organizations within the private sector which are aimed at assisting women to overcome business constraints.

Key Achievements and Milestones

Although NABW has not been very active in recent years, the association has recorded a number of achievements and milestones which can be summarized as follows:

  • NABW has built its own identity and a brand as the association of business women at a global level.
  • At its peak, NABW had over 20,000 registered members.
  • Despite financial challenges, NABW emerges as a role model for gender based initiatives.
  • Served over 1.5 Malawian million women directly and indirectly in the past 20 years.